Curious about Vietnamese coffee?

Mori’s Vietnamese coffee is indeed many people’s favourite. Still, it is a new thing to others.

The way that Vietnamese people drink their coffee is totally different from the rest of the world, starting from the coffee bean itself. For a perfect cup of coffee, a generous amount of intense dark roast Robusta coffee been is a must. The coffee is then dripped slowly through a metal “phin” and is often enjoyed black or with condensed milk. That is a cup of classic drip coffee that will never be “out-of-fashion”. Instead, it is getting more popular and contributing its parts in shaping the coffee culture around the world.

For us at Mori, Vietnamese coffee is not just a way of drinking coffee, it is a culture that we grow up with. The culture of drinking slowly, of treasuring every waiting moment to enjoy that cup of flavour. And through Mori, we want to introduce that culture we all love to the world.

If you ever have a chance to visit our cozy living room at the very central part of Helsinki, don’t hesitate to ask about our favourite cup of coffee. We’ll be more than happy to tell you all we know, from the very part of coffee cultivation to how to make a perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee for yourself.

The coffee bean is now also available for sale at the price €4.0/100g at our store. You can also get the whole coffee set for only €10.0 includes coffee beans and a small “phin”


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